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Full Version: Sl-c3000 Installation Tips
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I am currently in the process of trying to get OpenBSD into my C3000. I have downloaded the 3.9 version and put it on a CF card and also installed the little application to help with the installation.

My problem is that I have no idea what is a good partitioning of the hdd3 drive? I have tried to search the forum for tips but so far I have only found hints on installation on the whole drive, and given that I have a C3000 this seems not like a good idea for a first time installation.

So, any insights into how I should proceed with the installation would be much appreciated. The installation instructions are very good, but they lack in recommendations and best practices, hence this plea to you all.


i left about 500000 sectors on hdd3 for the FAT32 and then used the rest for OpenBSD
open bsd install is no as easy as other roms.if you home some experiense from a i386 box would be better.
try test some installs on a vmware first if oyu are new to bsd.


do you know if anyone got the full disk working on a c3200???

did you go to eurovision? smile.gif
QUOTE(coreilly @ Jun 5 2006, 01:30 AM)
i left about 500000 sectors on hdd3 for the FAT32 and then used the rest for OpenBSD

And how did you partition the other stuff? The installation instruction mentions /usr, /tmp and /var. Did you make separate partitions for those as well or did you just leave the whole disk for OpenBSD? (This is the way I usually install Linux when I need something fast.)

I suppose I could try what DaemonsGR suggested and install on a 386 but that would probably only teach me the quirks with the OpenBSD installer and not the particulars, applicable to this particular platform.

As you all can probably well imagine I would rather learn as much as possible and then install, rather than install and brick it and have to learn how to restore from bare metal... :-)

One partition for BSD and one for swap. I wanted 2Gig for BSD and 128M swap but I hadn't used the BSD disk label whatnot before and ended up with a little bigger BSD partition and only 73M swap.

Oh well, it works. I've compiled everything I use from ports and I am only using ~51% of the 2 Gigs (remember to delete the dist files if you use ports).
I just used the disklabel information from the install doc number for number, and created a bit root and a smallish swap.
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