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Full Version: 3200 Batteries?
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These are good batteries - they have about the same capacity as original.
Why would you buy a compatible battery for $38.99 plus shipping when you can buy a SHarp Brand battery for $14 less and just add a small filler item to get over $25 for free shipping?

Sharp BL08 battery at Amazon for $24.88 (works with C700 all the way through C-3100 (I have verified this)...will also work for C-3200 becuase C-3100 and C-3200 take same battery)

I have tried one of the compatible batteries and found that they are slightly shorter than the Sharp brand so on some machines (like C-3100), you will need to put in a spacer or add a bit of solder to to the battery contact to make them a bit thicker. Be very careful soldering anything to a battery as the possibility of explosion is quite real. (I once had a button-size CR2032 explode on me and could only imagine how much worse these could be). Anyway, I suggest taking the easy and less expensive route and get the Sharp-brand battery from Amazon.


BTW, you can also still buy the external battery charger at Amazon, for the bigger BL08 and BL09 batteries, you need to make a small hole to accomidate the plastic nub of the battery. I have done this and there appears to be nothing critical (actually nothing there at all smile.gif ) in the charger at the location you need to make the hole. I find the charger far more useful than charging the Z, I just swap batteries and I can grab a spare if I am going on a trip somewhere:

Sharp-Brand CE-BC21 Battery Charger (works for all batteries from 5500 to C-3200 (for larger BL08 and BL09, just make small hole to accomidate plastic nub)
just because it is compatible and fits.

your lilnk is broken but i seen that method as well.
QUOTE(Cresho @ Jun 6 2006, 11:40 AM)
just because it is compatible and fits.

your lilnk is broken but i seen that method as well.

Not sure if you were reponding to me, but the link is fixed now....I also added a link to the battery charger.

BTW, I didn't mean to criticize your post, your effort and time in posting the deal is very much appreciated, I just thought I should mention the Sharp-brand alternative.
no worries....variety is good.

That is cheap!
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