Hi, does anyone know if the AV500 travel lead (ie the 3.5mm plucg to RCA lead) will plug in to the AV500 centre socket to allow recording WITHOUT the adaptor block?

What exactly does the adaptor block do, it looks like it just has 2 outputs and a connector with 3.5mm jack i the centre.

I'm asking as i want to connect an existing helmet camera to the devce (not the archos camera), and the adaptor block is going to make thigs too bulky.

If the lead wont work by itself is there anyone who makes a lead with the archos socket on one end and RCA outputs on other end?

Viosport do one for their helmet cameras but it doesnt have RCA outputs as far as i can tell http://www.viosport.com/store/customer/hom...ome.php?cat=245

Thanks in advance