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Full Version: Aspell 0.60.4
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now you can spellcheck in nano, pine or whatever application will tie into 'spell' from unix. I know its kinda big, if you find a way to reduce it some more I am up for suggesions.

in nano just uncomment the set spell... line
in pine edit the .pinerc find speller= and add aspell -c

works flawlessly, returns to pine interface without an issue.
Thanks, bam. I've been looking for a good spell check util for the C860. Appreciated!
Bummer, Bam. Hate to be the Bearer of bad feedbacks.but ya oughta know.

I tried installing Aspell_arm v0.60.4 to my 24/7 C860's infernal flash first. Major MALF. Crashed the installer & left files hung. Said uninstalled but didn't cleanup debris.

Figured finally that "only" about 6.8mb wasn't enough room. Needs control info on space required.

Lots of SD real estate so tried there after cleaning up the elephant tracks.

"IPKG says Something went wrong. Sorry"

No mess after this one though.

Went with Hiroshi Maruyama's aspell-en_6.0-0_arm.ipk & aspell_0.60.4-1_arm.ipk instead. To SD without any problems at all. Yours looks a lot more robust, hoever, so ....

The nano-1.2.5_arm.ipk wouldn't try installing to SD but main memory was good (uninstalled my old v0.9.23 before hand). Mod'ed the .nanorc to enable Aspell but nano kept giving an error message when ^t invoked.

Worked out that lang=jp was the problem, so you might want to add -l en to the -c switch.

Still wanted to try out your aspell v0.60.4 & my development C860 has lots of free internal space. Seemed to install OK so did the nano-1.2.5_arm.ipk next. And go a "this probably ain't gonna be happy" find the depends error.

The control & info on Grinder need to say that nano 1.2.5 needs libcurses. AND, despite the lack of warning from the installer, so does aspell 0.60.4 from your package. Both bomber bummers, buddy.

Lo siento, compadre, but es de verdad indeed.

I'm open to test fly any modified packages since the development C860 gets hozed out & restored from NANDs almost constantly. Is there a good GUI file picker front end for aspell (like kino2 is for mplayer, for example)? I don't really need another text editor but I can't spell for beans (and max typos too .... G). Need that aspell!

oops, sorry for the issues, I must have libncurses already installed, I will see what the dependancies are for these and include them in the control file, and re-release. I did however have no issues on the 3100/stock/tetsu kernel
QUOTE(bam @ Jul 18 2006, 10:45 PM)
oops, sorry for the issues, I must have libncurses already installed, I will see what the dependancies are for these and include them in the control file, and re-release.

Thought that might have been the case (G). I didn't notice on my 24/7 Z because I already had the libncurses installed too. But why not help out the new users? (G)

I did however have no issues on the 3100/stock/tetsu kernel

So many different kernels, models & OSs but so little time & $$!! (sigh ... G) Wish that I could afford at least one of every thing!

BTW - worked out an easy but robust GUI front end for Aspell & nano. Will post as a seperate topic so it stands out in search. NOW I need a spell checker for THESE posts!!
Big Bam -

While trying to resolve my installation hitches & hickcoughs, I had to make some comparison observations between your

1) aspell_arm.ipk

& Hiroshi Maruyama's <>

2) aspell_0.60.4-1_arm.ipk / aspell-en_6.0-0_arm.ipk set.
1) Is v0.60.4 and most files dated 06 June 2006.
2) Are v0.60.4-1 / v6.0-1 with most files date NLT 31 Oct 2005.

1) D/L size = 4,143,930
2) Combined D/L sizes = 2,297,832 (1,614,532 + 683,300)

1) lists no depends; includes required -en files.
2) aspell_0.60.4-1_arm.ipk depends on an aspell-en IPK.

1) installation to SD fails.
.. ("Extract of some files failed") &/or
.. (IPKG says "something went wrong". Sorry)
2) installation to SD OK & runs.

1) installs to subdirs under:
.. \usr\bin\ ..... ( => \home\root\usr\bin\ )
.. \usr\local\ ... ( => \home\root\usr\local\ )
2) install to subdirs under:
.. \opt\QtPalmtop\ ( => \home\QtPalmtop\ )

Your package is more robust than the other 2 together, however a lot of the "common" secondary files are identical in both packages despite their file dates. AND they install into "equivalent" named subdirs. Ie:

2) \opt\QtPalmtop\lib\aspell-0.60\american.alias
1) ......... \usr\local\lib\aspell-0.60\american.alias

2) ( => \home\QtPalmtop .. \lib\aspell-0.60\american.alias )
1) ( => \home\root\usr\local\lib\aspell-0.60\american.alias )

BUT! (2) installs to & runs from SD without problems where (1) does not.
Suggest (with greatest respect) that you perhaps consider:

A) Change the install paths so that, despite the size of the package, it can be installed & run by users with limited internal storage available by install to SD (or, of course, CF).
cool.gif Break the large IPK into several smaller packages. For example:

- A "core" Aspell IPK. This IPK would depends on ONE of the next.

- A "minimum" operational IPK for dictionaries & other LANG related files. This "minimum" could be selected from one of several IPKs customized for different environments (lan = en vs jp, model of Z & etc).

- As many "optionals" IPKs as desired.

This would allow flexibility with minimum file size & d/l time/traffic.
As noted earlier, neither (1) nor (2) warn that aspell depends on libncurses to run (no install warnings). Likewise neither provide info on the space required for successful install.

My comments offered in pro bono publico with the greatest respect & admiration for the time & effort you contribute and for your knowledge & experience!

(Aside to forum alpha geeks:)

I really pure do hate it when the board strips out my white space & screws up my formatting, forcing me to do lame tricks like using " .... " instead.

grumble, mumble, flame off. Yeh, I *know* - but, "live with it", doesn't mean that I can't say that it inhales big time!
I will work on that probably after my moving, thanks for the suggestions smile.gif
QUOTE(bam @ Jul 19 2006, 02:32 PM)
I will work on that probably after my moving, ..

Somehow, considering the nature of your avatar, I will manage to restrain myself from any of the all too obvious replies.

OTOH, WTH ..... take your time, amigo! All the time you need! No hurry. (G)

thanks for the suggestions smile.gif

Thank YOU for the good work packaging & providing software for all the rest of us!

Oh, BTW, you need to update that signature, bro bam.

"3 week vacation - laptop in for repairs (4/5/06-4/26/06)"
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