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Full Version: Cfxga Mirror Utility Crashes C3100
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I'm trying to use my CFXGA card with the cfxgamirror utility (the versoin embeded into Cacko 1.23 via the Setting -> Mirror icon).

When I pop in the card and call Mirror, the screen contents are mirrored nicely. However, after some activity, QTopia terminates and restarts endlessly until I do a reset.
Activity means:
Starting a program, such as StageOne,
executing a find / on the console

Anyone have an idea what this could be caused by?

I had no problems when using the card with the Presentation tool.

After some research I found some postings saying that the original cfxgamirror binary was compiled against a 2.4.18 kernel and hence crashes often.
So I compiled the cfxgamirror sources on my own on the Zaurus in order to make sure there are no incompatiblities.

It still crashes. Once the console in which I had started it suddenly disappeared and I could not start the console from the icon anymore. A reboot helped.
The second time, QTopia terminated and restarted right after invoking the new cfxgamirror binary.

Any ideas?

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