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Full Version: X11/Qtopia dual boot ?
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I like the X11 environment but my main usage of the C750 is PIM applications that are not available (yet ?) in X11.
However , I would like to continue to play with and use X11 , I'm wondering if there is a possibility to have a dual boot solution for it .

I've tried setting it up on openzaurus where a qpe session starts up on the first virtual console, and X starts up on the second one, then set up a chvt command in the start menu on both sessions. Here's the problems I've run into so far:
1a) qpe will always try starting on the current console, it won't pick an unused one.
1b) X picks an unused console, but won't start up on it in the background. It switches to that console before starting
Therefore, if you start both at the same time, you will end up with qpe and X fighting for the same console.
I've got around this by starting X first, then sleeping a few seconds, chvt to the next available console, and then start qpe.
2) When working with both X and qpe running, the X session keeps reading from the touchscreen input even when qpe is in the forground. I don't have a workaround for this yet, will need to take a look at the source for the X touchscreen driver.

Another option you can use is to use xvnc, along with a vnc viewer for qpe. This will work for most apps, but you won't get the performance that you would off of runnin X directly on the console.
or XQt? Thread about this in the General Chat bit of the forum.

Xqt server is ok for this, but ideally you would run the full debian using the pocketworkstation install... You'll need a good sized sd card though. see, this would allow you a dual boot system with a boot menu with a few edits of some script files.

I use XQt server to access pocketworkstation inside qtopia so i get what seems like the best of both worlds, also inside qtopia you can use accessories like pockettop keyboards with it.
Can you please explain what is XQt and from where I can download it .

Derek , Your solution seems to run both X11 and Qtiopa simultaneously . I m asking for a simpler solution , during to boot process to be able to selecet the environmen .

anonuk is the url for Xqt - AFAIK It is an xserver for qt that can display xwindows as a qtopia application but also in full screen so you dont notice that you are in qtopia at all.

I dont fully understand why you would want to dual boot if you could run both in the same environment, but if you do the pocketworkstation will give you a full linux install that you can dual boot into, although I really think you will find it more useful to use it inside Qtopia, why would you want the need to reboot if you dont have to?

On another note, how did you get hold of a zaurus C750 in israel?? I have been trying to get one for my brother who lives there.... Also, I guess im not the only one using hebrew on the zaurus, although support for it is a bit lame on the 860 :-)
I have Xqt running , looks good . I'm wondering what are the differences between pdaX and Xqt , are there any advantages in X11 ROM (pdaX) over Xqt , can I run X11 applications (pdaX feed ?) in this environment ?
I tried to install Abiword but it didn't work , I got a message about libraries problem.

anonuk , I got my C750 from Dynamism during my visit in the US almost a year ago.
I dont' think you'll be able to run prgs from x11/pdax due to library issues -- although you might
be able to install require libs, etc.

I think the biggest advantage of pdaxrom is that it's X based.... X isn't an addon.
I think there are far more progs available for X than qt.


I've tried setting it up on openzaurus where a qpe session starts up on the first virtual console, and X starts up on the second one, then set up a chvt command in the start menu on both sessions.

derekp- how are you progressing with this, care to share, scripts. I'd like to set up similar system with Qt & pdaXrom.
I haven't done anything with it recently, since I couldn't get around the issue where X was grabbing the touchscreen input while QT was active. I've decided to go the route of using Xqt or xvnc instead.
The basic technique I used before was to 1) setup the opie startup script so that it is launched from inittab instead of rc scripts, 2) added another script to start up X after a 20 second delay (to give QT time to start on the first console). This meat of that script was something like this (from memory):

sleep 20 # give QT a chance to start up
( sleep 5; chvt 1 ) & # once X starts up, switch back to the first vt

The effect is that QT would start up, then the screen would switch to the second console once startx would execute, then switch back to the first (QT) console a few seconds later. Then I added an item on the qpe start menu, "Switch to X", which would call "chvt 2". A smiilar one would need to go in X window manager's start menu.
I was thinking of setting it up so that it would send a SIGSUSP to the X touchscreen daemon upon calling chvt, but I gave up before that... too many other projects piling up.
Hope this helps.
derekp: talk to chuckr on #cacko ... regarding vts.

see more about hebrew here:
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