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Full Version: Gravis Gamepad, Adapter For Usb?
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I have an older Gravis Gamepad, which has an old style plug on the end.
This plug is called a "Game Port" plug and it plugs into the "Game Port" on older Soundblaster sound cards.
What I'm looking for is an adapter to transform this to USB.
"Game port to USB" adapter, is what I'm looking for.
Does anyone know if this exists?
I enclosed a drawing of the pin configuration in the plug on the gamepad.

The reason, I want to use this Gamepad, is because, it's simple, and only has 4 buttons, besides the directional controller.
All the newer controllers have a dozen or more buttons, which I don't need.
Thank you,
I found one, here's a pic of it.
Now, I just have to try and get my local computer shop order one for me.
It has 15 pins, and is NOT a serial connector.
How about Radioshack?

Thank you, I'll try them and see if they have it.
I went to radioshack last week.
Radioshack isn't the same store like they used to be.
This new store was more like a consumer electronics store.
The guy had to go online just to look at a gps antenna.
Their in-stock electronics parts was a very tiny spot in the back corner of the store.
I remember Radioshack of about 20 years ago, you could find almost any sort of electronic part you were looking for.
The above store doesn't even have CF cards.
I think I've been there 4 times for something and left empty handed
Anyone looking for one of these better check Radio Shack now.
These devices are discontinued.
list at about $10.00
Discontinued price $6.97
There were 3 left in a town that is 25 miles from my house.
The only other ones available, (according to clerk), are in Chicago or 200+ miles from here.
It's called DB-15 to USB PC Gaming Adapter
for analog, (not digital), gamepads/joysticks/wheels
I've enclosed a pic.
It tested, (with my Gravis gamepad), in the console.
jstest confirmed all buttons and 'D' pad working
I have 3 old joysticks that I can use this with. smile.gif
It has a switch for 4 positions:
1. Gamepad
2. Joystick A - Standard joystick (or CH flightstick mode joystick)
3. Joystick B - Joystick with a Thrustmaster hat switch
4. Wheel, (for a racing wheel)
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