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Full Version: Zaurus Software Index (admin Please Read)
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Hi there!

I've been using the two Zaurii for some time now and its through this site that I've garnered most of the info and help! A Big thanks!

So I'm taking some time out to update the links in as couple of links are either broken or outdated.

I've started off with the smallest section tongue.gif ... under Games/Cards(19) and was wondering if it requires approval by the site admin. If so, kindly take a look at the changes and see if the updates are ok. Thanks! smile.gif

If there is a main Zaurus software archive site that I should be updating, please post here so that I can divert my time to the right site.

Hopefully this will make things easier for newbies searching for ipks.

The next step would be to update the links for dependencies ... until then. smile.gif
look at my zaurus software site.
QUOTE(Cresho @ Jun 16 2006, 08:44 AM)
look at my zaurus software site.

Oh good! biggrin.gif ... hmmm ... so what shall we do about the other outdated links / sites? Mirror it to yours or what? Site admins? smile.gif


*bump* ... erm ... site admins for the site above ... should I continue with the updates or just leave it?

I think its more confusing for users to have outdated sites than if the site point to an updated one. Comments? smile.gif
Sy Ali
All traffic from the old site should be redirected to the new site. It was really annoying for me to have looked through that old site only to realise that it was depreciated! Kill it kill it.. =)
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