Welcome to all Zaurus users in Alberta.

Let's discuss how to make best use out of our Zaurii, and share information on best sources of Zaurii, parts and accesories.

I personally have a 5500 that I bought from TigerDirect.ca (formerly Misco). To it I've added a 256 MB CF card, a 256 MB SD card, a Billionton Bluetooth CF card, a Trendnet CF WiLan card, and a Holux (iTrek) GPS CF card.

I started with the Sharp 2.38 ROM, switched to the Open Zaurus 3.2 ROM when I couldn't get syncing going at all. Then I switched back to OZ to get my WiLan card going. I figured out syncing in OZ.

Now I'm back with the Sharp ROM, v. 3.10 this time, and am really enjoying its better sync, but missing the look and feel of the OZ apps - and they seem to run faster as well.

I'm looking for help getting my Bluetooth card going, and willing to help new users get up and running.

Stewart in Calgary
aka midtoad
stewart 'at' midtoad.homelinux.org