I've been collecting programming resources for a little while now:


The notes are rough, as I haven't gone very deep into anything. It is, however, the best resource out there right now, as I've scoured through all sorts of stuff to get links and notes. .. unless I missed something. =)

My primary interest is Ruby development, but I want to be able to recompile my favourite desktop software for my SL-C1000.

I realise that it's a learning curve, but I'm interested in learning more about cross-compiling, so that I can help recompile software to the Zaurus architecture.

Is there a concice HOWTO for this, or will I be making it? =)

My current concerns are:
* What Zaurus distribution supports what kinds of cross-compiling?
* What tools / files are necessary for what kinds of cross-compiles?
* How do I use the various tools? (presumably each has a homepage and a HOWTO)

I think that I will most likely be interested in pdaXrom, as that appears to be by far the most hacker-friendly distribution and is supportive of a contemporary Linux kernel and such. However, some more knowledge is needed before I can decide.

OpenEmbedded keeps being brought up, so I have to investigate just what the heck that's all about.


So.. if you have a favourite resource, or keep one on your own.. or you are a developer yourself or otherwise have cross-compiling or packaging experience, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts, get your links and spruce up my own notes while I learn.

For the brave.. the document is, of course, anonymously-editable. =)