* Special:Version reports that you're using a truly ancient version of MediaWiki. It's fast and painless to update.
o Back everything up (the database and files)
o delete the maintainance directory.
o Uncompress the latest version, overwriting the existing files.
o Edit AdminSettings.php (see AdminSettings.sample for info) to add the database info.
o cd maintainance;php update.php

* enable $wgSpamRegex
o Mine bans all div tags: $wgSpamRegex="/<div/i";
o You might like: $wgSpamRegex="/overflow\s*:\s*auto/i";

* Install Bad Behavior my notes ( .. it's VERY easy to install.

* Install .. it's a bit annoying but it's worth it.

At this point you could probably safely allow anonymous editing again.

* Update MediaWiki:Sidebar
o See mine ( for info.

I have all kinds of notes on especially MediaWiki security ( and MediaWiki tricks and tips (


Benefits of updating:

* Security security security!
* Speed improvements:
* Administrator improvements. It's a lot easier to administer ex.: change the sidebar, change the css, change the javascripts all within the wiki. Better banning, reversions, etc.
* Better recent changes (like not displaying your own edits)
* Email features -- get notified of changes via email.
* and lots more..

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