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Full Version: Display Problems
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Hi All,

My partner has a 760 that he doesn't use all that often (shame on him) so he often has to charge it up before use. Last night he switched it on after charging it all day, and as it booted up (cacko 1.23) it had strange green spiky lines going up from the hinge edge of the screen. They weren't static, but got longer and shorter, like earthquake seismographs.

When the system finished booting and got onto the splash screen, the lines had gone but the display was very washed out. When cacko was fully loaded, the display was washed out and the lines reappeared, but in white this time. It also seemed as if the icons on the desktop had lines coming off them as well.

Taking out the battery and rebooting didn't help. The japanese menus seemed to be washed out as well, but it was hard to tell. Pressing the screen didn't alter the spikes at all.

So, we turned it off before bed, then looked at it this morning, and it was fine!

Any thoughts?

Too much wine?

The zaurus or us?

Nope, neither... I guess there's a problem with the screen somewhere and it's going to fail completely some time soon. Ah well- it's an excuse to upgrade...

OK, well this problem is getting weirder...

It would appear that the problem occurs when the zaurus is being charged. When the zaurus is first charged, the lines and spikes are really strong. Over a period of about 24 hours they fade to nothing and the display goes back to normal. Next time it's charged, the lines come back.

Any thoughts? Is this hardware or software related?


Hardware related.

The fact that the issue happens most when just charged seems to indicate possibly that it actually happens when something is hot - charging causes extra heat.

Does the problem occur when you start using Wifi for a bit also (this kind of thing generates extra heat too).

I suspect that there is a loose connection somewhere that is subject to heat expansion/contraction from what you have described.

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