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Full Version: Yes, Another Newb Who Can't Sync...sigh...
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Hi, all.....

Just got my sl-5500 off of evil-Bay, and am flush with questions, of course. The unit itself is virtually unused and seems to have been purchased originally with the 3.10 Sharp ROM already, so must be a late model.

Anyway, after d/l the latest desktop software, USB drivers, etc. I tried both QT and Intellisync -- no go. In WinXP network connections my sl-5500 is enabled and working. I've disabled ZoneAlarm and the Windows firewall. I've tried a direct USB connection to the computer. When I try file transfer with Intellisync I get:

Connection check TERMCMD ERR NETWORK RESPONSE no response from partner

Basically, it's like this -- I don't need to "sync" anything really ---don't care about Outlook, address book, contacts, blah, blah. File transfer would be ok, but I can easily just do that with cards.

My concern is .....and I'm a newbie, here.....don't I need the computer connection to install software/apps to the Zaurus? I think I've read you can install from your SD card or CF card, but .....hmmmm. I'd like to get terminal going as well as several other utilities. I'd like to get my PCMCIA Ornico Gold wifi card working with a CF adapter. Right now it doesn't even power the PCMCIA card, so clearly it's not recognizing it -- must be a driver thing. For these reasons I need to be able to install apps/drivers, etc. there a tutorial that shows the steps involved in installing apps to the Zaurus. I used to have an Ipaq, and while that was perhaps more friendly right out the box, I clearly see so much more potential with the Z.

You can install applications from sd/cf card, using the software packages (Add Remove) program.

You can also flash a newer community based rom image such as openzaurus, or even the Qtopia based romimage from Trolltech at
yes...your zaurus is basically its own computer. Its not lame like palm or winmobile. You do not need to sync at all.

Not only that, you will find yourself drowning in month of research getting your zaurus exactly the way you want it so take your time.

download ipk files, put it in your cf or sd, use add remove under settings just like windows.

one last thing...backup constantly!
QUOTE(simpletech @ Jun 20 2006, 04:57 AM) * there a tutorial that shows the steps involved in installing apps to the Zaurus....

Yes, there is an ipk installation guide for the Zaurus! Sorry I didn't see your post sooner, the guide has been there a year or more. The earlier posts are right on, but if you run into trouble getting packages installed, hopefully the following will help:

If you find any errors, or have more simple examples or information for other ROMs I should include , let me know!

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