I currently own a Treo650 and while it's an awesome phone, I really want a small flip phone. My wife's Samsung MMA-900 is really nice (except the battery life blows). I'd like to steal her phone and stick her with the MMA-920.

However, if I dump the Treo I won't have a decent keyboard for sending SMS messages which I do frequently. I also would like something mobile I can easily browse the web on at hotspots. I just picked up a UX-50, but sadly the phone drivers are for GSM phones only. Since I'm with Sprint, that's a deal killer.

Back when I was with Cingular (those evil bastards!!) I used both the UX-50 and a Zaurus C-760 to send SMS all the time with my Sony Ericsson T610 and Nokia 6620 phones. The Clie's SMS utility was very nice while the Zaurus' utility was cmd line only and kinda clunky, but still usable.

So my question is, before I go and plunk down a nice chunk of change on another C series Zaurus (looking at a C3100 right now), does anyone know if SMS with a Samsung MMA-900 is possible?? I didn't think the SMS util for the Zaurus really cared what phone it was connecting to as long as it was successfully paired, but I just want to make sure. I guess if I can't get a Zaurus to work for this purpose, I'm going to have to upgrade to a Treo700p.