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Full Version: Freenote!
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I tried this new offering listed on
It's description said it had been tested on A300 and the C-series.

Well, it works on the 5500, too!

It saves files as either pdf or png files, and Acrobat on my laptop opened them just fine...except for text... Acrobat report some mapping problem when attempting to open the files. The drawing portion is intact with shapes, colors.

Now, if this could be fixed, and maybe if we had some other editable exportable file formats, this would be the note/drawing app we have been looking for.
If only it didn't depend on commercial libsl...

As it is it cannot be used on OZ sad.gif
I'm using it on my SL-5500 as well - it's a great programme. I particularly like the way it smooths drawings. I have a problem with text too, which is that I can't resize it. A shame, but even as a drawing app. without text it knocks spots off some of the competition. The only thing I'd like in addition is a fill tool.

Great work!
If only it didn't depend on commercial libsl...

As it is it cannot be used on OZ

Romburst then copy the file?

Please show us how to get freenote installed and run on SL-5XXX. Thanks.
On SL-5XXX under OZ. smile.gif
I just followed the links through from ZSI, downloaded the latest version and installed it..Bingo! There are fewer icons displayed (although I haven't yet tried it rotated) and some of the options seem not to be working brilliantly, but you can draw, and it saves.

BTW I'm running the Tkc Rom (is it 2 alpha 3? I can't remember and I haven't got my Zaurus on me at the moment) not OZ.
Grab the romburst program and run it on the ospack file - this will produce a number of files, one of which will be an initrd.bin. You can then mount this as a cramfs on a Linux box and copy the file out.

The techniques used by this prog can be used to improve h/w recognition. Especially curve smoothing
Should this be able to work on a SL5500 with the original Sharp 2.3x ROM?

I installed from the 3.1 ROM and tried using the latest FreeNote ipk, but I got unresolved library symbol errors.

Does anyone have this working using the old Sharp ROM?

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