OK, so I got my other difficulties fixed, and finally sorted out which servers were online and which version to build.

But now my build dies when compiling tslib. I deleted the /tmp directory and retried the whole build again just to be sure, and it happened again. Here's the output from bitbake at the console (shown here being restarted immmediately after the initial tslib failure):

~/zaurus/dev> bitbake task-bootstrap
NOTE: Psyco JIT Compiler (http://psyco.sf.net) not available. Install it to increase performance.
NOTE: Using cache in '/home/mjj/zaurus/dev/tmp/cache'
NOTE: Parsing finished. 2719 cached, 0 parsed, 35 skipped, 0 masked.
NOTE: build 200606260613: started

OE Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION     = "1.4.2"
OE_REVISION    = "5e856930836e8d5fd3a08741f7e6b4e6310f3bfd"
TARGET_ARCH    = "arm"
TARGET_OS      = "linux"
MACHINE        = "spitz"
DISTRO         = "openzaurus"
TARGET_FPU     = "soft"

NOTE: package tslib-0.0cvs20060102: started
NOTE: package tslib-0.0cvs20060102-r37: task do_fetch: started
NOTE: package tslib-0.0cvs20060102-r37: task do_fetch: completed
NOTE: package tslib-0.0cvs20060102-r37: task do_populate_staging: started
ERROR: function do_stage failed
ERROR: log data follows (/home/mjj/zaurus/dev/tmp/work/armv5te-linux/tslib-0.0cvs20060102-r37/temp/log.do_stage.30319)
| oe_libinstall: cd src
| oe_libinstall: install -d /home/mjj/zaurus/dev/tmp/staging/arm-linux/lib/
| FATAL: oe_libinstall: unable to locate shared library
NOTE: Task failed: /home/mjj/zaurus/dev/tmp/work/armv5te-linux/tslib-0.0cvs20060102-r37/temp/log.do_stage.30319
NOTE: package tslib-0.0cvs20060102-r37: task do_populate_staging: failed
ERROR: TaskFailed event exception, aborting
NOTE: package tslib-0.0cvs20060102: failed
ERROR: Build of task-bootstrap failed

And here's the local.conf:

#adapt these to match your directory layout
DL_DIR = "/home/mjj/zaurus/dev/build/sources"
BBFILES := "/home/mjj/zaurus/dev/org.openembedded.oz354x/packages/*/*.bb"

#set distro and version
DISTRO = "openzaurus-"

#what kind of images do we want?
IMAGE_FSTYPE="jffs2 tar"

#Make use of my SMP box

# Uncomment this to specify a machine to build for. See the conf directory
# for machines currently known to OpenEmbedded.
MACHINE = "spitz"

# Use this to specify the target architecture. Note that this is only
# needed when building for a machine not known to OpenEmbedded. Better use
# the MACHINE attribute (see above)

# Use this to specify the target operating system.  The default is "linux",
# for a normal linux system with glibc. Set this to "linux-uclibc" if you want
# to build a uclibc based system.
TARGET_OS = "linux"
# TARGET_OS = "linux-uclibc"

# Uncomment this to select a particular major kernel version if the MACHINE setting
# supports more than one major kernel version. Currently this is suported by the
# following MACHINE types: poodle, tosa and simpad.

#multimachine build stuff

#Add verbosity to make fixing easier

#The name says it all
CVS_TARBALL_STASH = "http://www.oesources.org/source/current/"