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Full Version: Archos Av700
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could anybody suggest where to send my AV700 to be fixed (is dead) , archos dont repair unless under warranty which has run out and other pc repair shops wont touch it , because its such a new product and they have no experience with them...Thanks!!
Why dont you tell us whats wrong with it exactly, we may be able to give you some repair advice
I don't know where you are but in the UK, by law, they have to be prepared to repair it in order to sell it here.
Thanks very much for your replies, my av700 does not power up at all and there is no lights when charging it started acting up a bit (ie) it stopped working left the device for a few days and it worked but i bought some mini speakers because wasn,t impressed with the volume when i plugged them in it seemed to finish the av700 off alltogether like there was a power surge and ever since nothing,
Same problem with my AV700. Archos only offers 15% off their new overpriced units. Some incentive. Some nerve. With that kind of sorry customer service track record, I'd do better to buy a lottery ticket instead of dump another $400 into their company. Anyone else have an idea where to get repairs?

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