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Full Version: Checkbook Software
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Does anyone know if there is a financial package equivalent to Moneydance for the Zaurus? I desperately need one and will gladly pay for it.

-- Donald
GnuCash is a GTK2 app... so it could be easily compiled for pdaXrom... can't vouche for the other roms....

Is there a way to get a platform independent version of Gnucash or Kmymoney. That would be sweet. Spreadsheets only do so much and the TKC financial software sorta sucked for me. If we can get something that was double entry centric would be key.
I have also had this problem of finding a good financial app. Finally, I decided on Grisbi which comes with meanie's pdaxqtrom images. It is the best I have come accross. Thanks to Meanie! He has really done a great service to the community.
Xamindar, thanks for the X/qt heads up. I just got it loaded on my 1k however looking at grisbi it seems a bit like an eye sore. How is the functionality compared to kmymoney or gnucash? It would be cool if someone can create a PI version of a double entry accounting program that can sync to a desktop. I've seen some topics on the forums saying that they were able to get some financial apps working however fonts were messed up.

I'll keep looking.....
I think Grisbi is the best financial app for the Zaurus, although even then I find it requires a swap file and can be very slow entering data when you have a relatively large number of transactions. I actually compiled GnuCash for pdaXrom once, which required me to also compile much of Gnome as well. After all that effort I found that GnuCash was dog slow and took up way too much memory, so it wasn't really usable in the end.

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