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Full Version: Corrupted Nand Recovery
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Before trying out OZ I made a NAND backup of my pdax system. I didn't back up my files otherwise sad.gif . Now when I load the NAND into the c1000 the thing won't boot up. The trisoft NAND does work, just not my pdax NAND. I need a couple files from the pdax installation. Is there a way to read files off of a NAND without installing it on the Z?

I know. I should have backed up the files blink.gif . (Newbie alert.)
did you try and do an install of pdaxrom first then the nand restore?
QUOTE(bam @ Jun 30 2006, 07:19 PM)
did you try and do an install of pdaxrom first then the nand restore?

I just tried that. No luck.

The NAND seems to be installed. Pdaxrom boots normally until the "fat . . . logical sector size 381" part of bootup. Then it lists a lot of numbers on the screen, followed by a bunch of "function entered at <adress> . . ." statements, followed by "kernel panic: attempted to kill init!" ohmy.gif

init seems like a nice enough guy. I can see why the kernel would be panicking. Is there any way to get through this without the impending bloodshed? cool.gif
just a thought, are you using a 2gb sd card? use a 1gb or less.
QUOTE(Cresho @ Jun 30 2006, 08:52 PM)
just a thought, are you using a 2gb sd card?  use a 1gb or less.

I am using a 512 meg card.

Fix: I have been able to access the files I need by doing the following:

1. Flash the corrupt NAND.
2. Start to install a new copy of pdax beta1.
3. At the appropriate menu, choose to open a shell instead of installing a new rom.
4. Mount /dev/mtdblock3: voila! my files. biggrin.gif
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