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Full Version: Mediaplayer That Utilizes Libmodplugin?
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I did a search here and "libmodplugin" doesn't return any hits.
Google shows this is used on Linux to enable playback of *.mod, *.xm, *.s3m modules with a mediaplayer.
I found libmodplugin 2.0.2 that is intended to be used with opie-mediaplayer1
I installed it and it places these files in my /opt/QtPalmtop/plugins/codecs/

Are there ANY mediaplayers besides opie-mediaplayer1, that can utilize these codecs?
I tried opie-mediaplayer1 in Cacko on my C3100, and it doesn't work.

I'd really like to get these modules to play on my Z
Thank you
xmms-embedded can be compiled with libmikmod support and there are few commandline/ncurses players
Where could I find the commandline/ncurses players?
Would I need ncurses libs to use these?

I don't know how to compile stuff, so xmms-embedded isn't an option.

thank you,
Finally, after 3 hours of googling for incompatable libraries, for X MultiMedia System,
(I couldn't find a required "" that would install in Cacko)
I found the above at ELSI, and there are instructions to make it work on Sharp ROMs.
They fail to mention the need for
This is only available in a Sharp incompatable *.ipk and is called for when "xmms-embedded-qtopia" is run at the command line.
This library will not install in it's current *.ipk version.
I cannot open these "type" of *.ipk in winrar to extract the files to my libs folder.
I do this with Sharp ROM ipks, when I only need one file from it.

I later found this:
It includes instructions as to install, (no ipk).
It also includes
This plays my mods, s3m and xm files perfectly. smile.gif smile.gif

This works in Cacko/Sharp.
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