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Full Version: Ipaq 5550 Board (wifi/bt) Hack It?
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I have a board without screen.Can I do something woth it or its only a trush?

go to and flash it with linux

then fiddle over the seriel port and you have yourself a nice networkud SD card reader or networked thumb print reader (or anything else you can hack together)
After install how am i going to login without a screen?
use a serial terminal
Can you give me more info?
BTW i have remove a screen, how can I be sure that its working? if i plug it without battery will it boot?
it should boot without a battery.

what you need is a serial cable (i belive you need this to flash the pda anyway). plug it into your computer and use ethier hyperterminal or kermit to connect to the serial port and then follow the flashing guide some info is here: but i expect that if you have the knowlage to flash a pda finding more info on this page should not be a problem
From first hand experience replacing a 5555 screen. It's a pain in the ass. The only people who carry it is Foxconn, which is a Chinese company based in Hong Kong. I ordered a screen and then had to wait 3 months for it to ship. The actual replacing part was cake though.
Heh, I don't need a new screen.Im not going to pay a $ for this...
It had a "free ride" from the 3rd floor smile.gif
Ill try to flash it with familiar to use it for a toy smile.gif
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