I had Archos AV500 for some time I used it a lot and i anjoy it.

But I have an huge amount of movies i vont to convert so Archos can play it

moust of my movies alredy in ".avi" format but they can not be played on archos it ceep giving codec error.

I now how i can convert movies to archos using VitualDub, DVD2AVI, DivX Converter,CopyDVD Mobile, etc...

But all of them take 1~2 Houres to convert it is there any way it can be done quiker ??


is there any way to get more codecs in to archos ???

IF Archos AV500 wuld off work under Linux it wuld of be much esyer as TCPMP for Linux can play all video types ---> www.tcmp.com , www.tcpmp.org , www.corecodec.com

Plus is there any way to get Linux on to it ?