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Full Version: Help! Z-noia Theme Uninstall
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I installed the z-noia theme from this site to try it out. I decided to remove it because it wasn't worth all the space it used. But when I removed it, most of my icons were missing and the ones that were there were half the size. It looks like the links are not recreated on removal. WHOEVER MADE THESE THEMES SHOULD HAVE STATED THAT ON THE SITE! So I guess it can't be removed unless I reformat my zaurus.

Be warned!

Is there any easy way to get my Z back to normal and retain all my settings and data?
he did warn just poke around the forums. Just use his ipk for the stock icons, its on the same site. BTW its Cresho that spends alot of time getting these done for those who dont have the time or knowledge to do thier own.
hehe ... I had that scare awhile ago too ... as Cresho mentioned, you have to install the default to get it back. smile.gif
maybe I would have been more helpful by providing a link....oh well Cresho to the rescue! smile.gif
Aww, ok. Thanks Cresho! Now I know why that default one is there.
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