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Full Version: Poor Video Playback Quality Av700
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I have the AV700 when I record video directly from my TV to the AV700 and then play the video on the TV the quality is very bad. I'd say the quality of the video is worse than a bad VHS recording..........My current settings are...

Formware: 1.5.12

Format:....... 4:3

Connection is via analog basic cable to a VCR. I have tried numerous different setting on the AV700 but the playback quality is always poor...very grainy and the clarity and detail is also bad. Is this the way the AV700 is supposed to work...?

Any help is much appreciated....

FYI...Mac OS 10.3.9
You may try these setting:

Source:........S-VIDEO (you need S-VIDEO cable)

Btw what's your TV screen size? and is it a CRT(normal TV), LCD or Plasma....
My quality seems pretty decent.
My settings are as follows;

Firmware: 1.5.12

Source: Auto
Format: Auto
Res: VGA
Bitrate: 2500 kb/s
Sampling: 48 khz
Brightness: 37
Contrast: 25
Saturation: 25
Hue: 0

I too come directly out of a VCR to make my connection. I have tried a cable box at a friend's house and the quality seems the same.

Best of luck,

this is actually how I have everything hooked up....I have a splitter in there so that I won't have to bother with dealing with the VCR I'm wondering if the splitter is degrading the incoming signal and that's why the video quality is poor...?
A splitter will degrade your signal, but if your getting a decent picture you should be recording the same.
QUOTE(tripdad @ Jul 18 2006, 04:30 AM)
A splitter will degrade your signal, but if your getting a decent picture you should be recording the same.

probably going to try to hook everything up through the VCR and get rid of the splitter.

btw....I have a 6-7 year old RCA 35in. CRT (normal TV)

just basically trying to find out if anyone else was not happy with the recording quality of the AV700......thx....
"btw....I have a 6-7 year old RCA 35in. CRT (normal TV)"

35" TV is a problem too, with the current max recording resolution for AV700, it can best go up to 21" or 25" TV. Try your previous recordings on a smaller screen TV, there will be great difference.

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