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Full Version: File Picker Front End F/ Aspell, Nano & Etc
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Wanted a GUI front end to send files to Aspell. Worked out a simple & easy way using Tree!Explorer QT Plus & thought to pass it along.


qcop QPE/Application/embeddedkonsole 'setDocument(QString)' 'exec aspell -l en -c %1'

enter a name for the Send To & move it where you want it in the list.

High light a file (text works OK)
RIGHT ARROW (or hold the stylus on the file for a short time)
DOWN ARROW ONCE (or drag the stylus)
RIGHT ARROW "send to list" (or drag the stylus again)
DOWN to your option (or YADTSA)
make it so

Works on my C860s, Sharp OS all versions. Assumes you already have embedded konsole installed.

The behavior of Aspell confused me at first. If there is an error OR if Aspell finds no spelling mistakes, the launched app widow closes again immediately.

qcop QPE/Application/embeddedkonsole 'setDocument(QString)' 'exec nano %1'

stays open if there are no command line errors using the same file but also closes the window immediately if there are command line errors.

The moral is: Include the "exec" under "normal" use so that you dont have to type "exit" every time to close the spawned child app window. Take it out if something seems to not be working right or if you want to know that Aspell found no spelling errors.

Anyone have any ideas on how to have a message appear if Aspell completed OK (like nano does when running spell check using ^t)? Come on, y'all; don't make me do ALL the heavy lifting here (G).

This SHOULD work with other command line apps as an easy file picker GUI front end.

NOW, I would REALLY like a spelling checker for composing &/or editing these message posts!! There OUGHT TO be SOME way to do it (hint, hint, hint).

cool, I am adding this now...thanks
QUOTE(bam @ Jul 19 2006, 02:36 PM)
cool, I am adding this now...thanks

Man, am I relieved that nobody said "IOTTMCO" on me!! (well, at least so far! .. G)
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