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Full Version: Change Mac On Dlink Dcf-660wk
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I can not replace mac address on wifi card.
At input of commands:

ifconfig wifi0 down
ifconfig wifi0 hw ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
ifconfig wifi0 up

I Receive the answer:

SIOCSIFHWADDR: Invalid argument
Yeah, I think certain versions of Busybox have problems with that option.

There is a decision of the given problem?
Since the driver is reporting Invalid Argument and not that the IOCTL isn't available I am suggesting that the version of Busybox in 1.23 is the one with the bug that won't let you set this parameter... it formats the structure badly for the IOCTL call.

You have 2 options...

1. NOT recommended - Compile a fixed version of Busybox that has all the features needed for Cacko and use that.

2. Build a real version of ifconfig by building Linux net-tools and use that.

Perhaps somebody else can verify the problem since it shouldn't effect just your card.

Problem can not in it?
At present has found the bug in cacko.
Recommended to update FW cards.
At present it is 1.3.6.
i have had many problems with busybox not supporting any of the otions i use on a regular basis and not giving a decent reply to the --help option, somtimes you dont have acsess to the man files

eg try mounting a partion by its label rather than device, rather handy when booting from USB when you have several usb flash drives plugged in and dont know or cant work out the /dev naming ahead of time
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