I am using SL-C3100 with Cacko 1.23 Lite with Ambicom Wifi CF. My question is about a setting that I enabled once but now I cannot disable it (to the original state).

I checked a checkbox something like "Don't show this again" or "connect automatically" (I don't remember the exact phrase) on the window that you get when you click the network applet (the little icon) on the taskbar. The window lists you the configured wifi spots. Therefore I have been directly connecting to the first access point on the networks list. But I don't want to do that anymore. Instead I want to get the list of configured wireless networks as before and pick one. In the current situation I have to abort connection each time I want to connect to a different access point because as soon as I click the applet icon it tries to connect.

If anybody knows the config file in which the network applet saves the user choices it will be greatly appreciated. I believe there is no way to configure/revert from the GUI.

Please note that I already tried the "Auto-connect" checkbox under Settings/Network in the Services tab. It is not the one I want or I enabled before.

BTW I already did the following fix so I can (re)connect/disconnect to different access points without using cardctl reset from console and it has no effect with the setting I want to revert.

If I loose my wireless connection I have to unplug and replug my CF card (or
cardctl reset) to be able to reconnect!

in /etc/pcmcia/network.opts

I hope I could explain with my miserable english,

Thank you for your time,