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Full Version: Removing Decal On Left Side Of Screen Sl-c1000
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I want to remove the decal on the frame on the left side of the screen which gives instructions for swiveling the screen.
I know how it's done, and since I don't read Japanese anyway, I just want to get rid of it.
Before I go ripping it off, and take a chance of defacing my beautiful z, I thought someone might have a suggestion for removing it without causing any damage.

Thanks, Doug
ya i did mines as well. It's the gewy part that gaved me tons of problems.
QUOTE(Cresho @ Jul 23 2006, 08:19 AM)
It's the gewy part that gaved me tons of problems.

Check on a product called GOO GONE, you can find it at Lowes and many other hardware/home improvement stores. I've used this with success on PC parts I've picked up at computer shows. Its citrus based, so it hasn't damaged any plastic parts 'yet'. I would however be very careful not to get it on the touch screen... as I haven't tested that. smile.gif

Fix some adhesive tape on top of the sticker and peel it off, starting at the corners. Use more tape to remove the glue and a bit of alcohol to clean it. Worked fine for me.
Well, after looking over these suggestions, and getting up the courage, I finally decided to just peel that decal right off.
I started with one corner, and it peeled right off easy.
And guess what... no glue whatsoever.
The plastic was clean as a whistle.
Thanks for all the suggestions.
yes, I have removed that on four Zauri so far (2x 3000 and 2x 3100), and no remaining glue on the surface.
mine came off fine... i don't think i even stopped to worry about doing it carefully tongue.gif
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