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Full Version: Qt-4.1.4....
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recently i have made a native compilation (using zgcc-3.4.6.img) of Qt-4.1.4.tar.gz from Trolltech's opensource (qt-x11-opensource-src-4.1.4.tar.gz) and packed in a squashfs file. but i have no space on sharing the feed with you guys. (more than 110M ... OMG!)

moreover, on trying the demo, i have also found the following bug in QtOpenGL...

this environment can compile output binaries using -LQtOpenGL, but they cannot show the OpenGL stuff properly...

in x86 demo (e.g. Qt-4.1.2 demo): -

in pdaXrom env't (1.1.4 beta 4 kernel 2.6):-

do any friends have come across with the similar phenomena before? i am really curious to that....

moreover, I also found that i can't compile any Qt3 source code using default qmake .pro template.... are there any methods calling the Qt3support lib by default? or manually add the -LQt3Support extension?...

Thanks in advance... cool.gif
Thanks for a net-friend that helped me to contribute this squashfs in the net....

file name: qt-4.1.4.squashfs

for downloaders: please read the following README file inside: -

profile.sample is the suggested QTDIR LD_.... and QMAKESPEC env variable values

plz read the info on that to modify your /etc/profile

this envt is compiled under /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.1.4/ and original
resides in /mnt/ide/qt4. so it is suggested to mount at /mnt/ide/qt4 and

mkdir -p /usr/local/Trolltech
ln -sf /mnt/ide/qt4 /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.1.4

Enjoy Qt!


Known bugs: allthough QtOprnGL lib can be used, output binaries has no show
on rendering display...

others are relying on your discoveries...

having isolated the system with the demos/documentation/examples, i have separated the squashfs and upload back to the link: -

files are : -


Please follow the instructions listed in README.qt4.1.4 to mount the squashfs files, otherwise you can't directly access the demo / doc / examples ... Orz

as before, the sample.profile is sample /etc/profile for system env'tal QT vars.

moreover, i have also tried openGL ... which should be run properly in examples, but not in demo... good luck~!... (I am now still using the mesa3d 1.6.2 ipk which is hardware floating point, and the speed is reasonable..)

I think normally you can mount the base.squashfs which is for compilation, and demos.squashfs is for doc review and/or demos/examples preview... which can be evicted away if you don't like it...

screen caps: -

hellogl (HelloOpenGL)

textures (Dice Textures - the dices can be rotated by your stylus...)
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