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Full Version: xmms problem : can anybody translate German?
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It seems this German fellow is having the exact same problem I am having trying to get xmms to go on a sharp rom and a 5600.

It seems I have to do some symlinking but I can't seem to figure out what the answer is.

Here is the last few lines from trying to run xmms at the command line running as zaurus:

Will crash?
not here
-----------------------OSS INIT
Internal bps 176400
STEP 1024
bs: 3000,176400
Allocating memory soon! 529200000 bytes
Allocating memory! 529200000 bytes

GLib-ERROR **: could not allocate 529200000 bytes
Sure, I'll translate for you smile.gif

But mind you, even though it's the same language, I'm not 100% sure on what everybody means there. But we'll see:

You need to set 2 links. You gotta have a directory .xmms in your home directory which has to point to ...../QtPalmtop/lib/xmms/.xmms (or wherever that one really is). In that directory, there is a link to the playlist .xmms.m3u, which should point to an empty file in your home directory. If that file doesn't exist, create it.

So for, it is claimed that this worked. I'm not really sure now which file to linke where (I do have the same problem, really, but I just took the opie mediaplayer instead...), but you can try. The rest of the discussion is just about installing xmms on a cf-card, I'll skip that, right?

The problem is an old one.

Allocating memory! 529200000 bytes

This is a fair bit of memory, 504Mb or so. From memory this seems to be the default which xmms drops back to trying to allocate when it can't find its init file(s).

The files are actually in /opt/QtPalmtop/lib/xmms I think.

You may want to copy them rather than symlink:

It's a shame the devnet's down/gone as all of this was on there.


Dang, now I've got that problem sad.gif

So, real files instead of symlinks, got that. But, there are NO files in my /root/.xmms directory, not even symlinks... could anyone please post the output of "find /root/.xmms" so I can check what's missing? Thanks for any help

Okok, don't bother, got it myself smile.gif You need config and menurc, one can copy it from */lib/xmms/.xmms, where * needs to be appropriate for your installation. Also, make xmms.m3u a symlink to .xmms.m3u in your home directory.

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