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Full Version: Restore Function Sl-5500 V/s Sl-c1000
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Ok, I just received my new SL-C1000 a couple weeks ago, and I must say I am quite impressed with it.

I have had a SL-5500 for a couple years, and it seems to me that if I install something new on it, configure it and then decide I don't like it, I uninstall it only to have fragments of it left floating around here and there.
And even after a restore the fragments are still there.
So I have to reset it and then restore to completely remove the fragments.

With the SL-C1000, it appears that a restore alone completely overwrites the internal flash and removes any unwanted fragments.

Needless to say, this is the behavior I prefer (it saves a lot of work).
I have the Standard Sharp Rom on both machines.

Can anyone confirm this behavior on the SL-C1000 for me?

yep----that is sort of correct.

Not only that, NAND restore is a complete takedown and rewrite which leaves it as original as possible with no fragments. I only use nand restore in emergency.

restore just dumps the rom ontop of whats currently in the flash.
Thanks, Cresho.

I think a NAND restore is only necessary if another rom has been flashed, and you want to get back to the original rom.

Other than that, a reset restores to factory setup, and then a regular restore brings you back to where you were as of that backup.

I was just thinking I could skip the reset step and just do a restore and be exactly where I was as of that backup, no matter what I had done since.
Ok, here's a "benchmark" test I did just to find out...

In System Info I had the following KB used:

17,400 - before backup
17,428 - after backup
17,408 - after reboot

18,828 - after installing tkc explorer demo
18,840 - after reboot

17,396 - after restore (no reset)
17,336 - after reboot

So it appears restore alone wipes out the internal flash prior to restoring.

As for the tkc explorer "demo", I had purchased it for the 5500, but it won't work on the 1000, and I'm not about to purchase it again when Tree!Explorer+ is so great.
But I thought it was a nice sized program to install for testing.
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