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Full Version: Kdepimpi 2.2.5
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I have being working usually with this new stable version 2.2.5, that I liked very much. But I certainly had a bad sync or something so, and the the icons of Kapi or Kopi never more worked.
Then I unistalled the program, that was in SD card and try to reinstall. Ever I obtained the same answer when I try to install in the SD:
The extract of some files are failed. This application may not execute normaly. When you cannot operate this application please remove it, and the advise OK,
Pressing the button the answer: This application is available only for main memory. Please install it in the main memory.... What to do?. I reload many times the archives ipk and the same thing.. How I can install from the Terminal the targz package, what is the command?
Any help people? Thanks very much. I canĀ“t return to the ancient Pim...
gunzip <targz file>
tar xvf <tar file>
ipkg install <ipk>

I thought they are usually zipped? Have you you reformatted your sd card recently? Have the permissions on the sd card changed where kdepimpi would install? Does ps -ef show that kdepimpi is still running? I had instance with opera after a crash. It was running in the background and would not allow another instance to spawn.
Thankyou very much bluedevils, I see that you are ever helping others in this foruns.
Really the files were zipped, but I extracted it and install, everything ok the first time I done, theproblem was after, as I related.
I asked for install from the terminal as a solution, and I'll try today, the matter is if from the terminal the files goes to the SD card. I don't made nothing with the SD card but I see by the documents some rests of ancient instalation there. I'll be in contact. Thanks again !
woops I forgot about the sd part. I assume you saw this where they mention the -d option and the /etc/ipkg.conf file.

I'm not a programmer so I contribute what I can.
BTW just to make sure you have clean start, it might not be a bad idea to download a fresh copy....just in case. Don't throw the old copy away until you have a good install.
Hi bluedevil. I deleted everything in the SD card. I download the targz file from the sourceforge and from the terminal I did the commands you said i.e.
gunzip <targz Kdepimpi-2.2.5> the answer was
Syntax error near unexpected token "<Kdepimpi-2.2.5>"
Well I saw your new advertences and will do a little later.
For everythings thanks again
ok this is all making sense now. I should have realized the first time when you mentioned targz....

Do not use the tar.gz file. That is source code for building kdepimpi. You want "". That's assuming you are using the sharp or cacko rom. unzip it


then you can use the gui installer to install the individual ipk
Hi Bluedevil, thanks again for your help, but the things does'nt go yet. The terminal don't know the command unzip, it know the gunzip. So I open the file out as a zipfile and install again everything, I could install opiemail,password and adressbook, Kopi give the same problem as I said in the begining. Nevertheless the programs installed din'nt operate, strangely it appears a simbol of Kopi in the task bar opening only the alarms...
I see by the filemanager that something is not correct, but I'm afraid to move in it. I think that is necessary to download many times the files becouse the possibilities of corruption is great.
As this week I'm travelling till the next friday will make the operation at my return,if it is possible I wait don't bore you many times...
Warm regards
Hi, bluedevils, here I am but with good news now. Yesterday I made one new download from other mirror, Seattle, Washington,I think now that others downloads were corrupted, as you said in one mail, and must be the proximity of Bush... but the fact is that I could install all de packages in the SD card, after that I downloaded my calendar.ics that was in the collie, and need to correct some minor things. Now I unsdertood the Kopi symbol in the taskbar, it is very good.
The only thing that don't go is the OM/Pi, it explodes but nothing open, I don't use it for now but perhaps you will have some tip for it.
As ever I'm very gratefull to you by your kindly help.
Thanks again from
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