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Full Version: C860 Does Sudden, Unexpected Reboots?
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I just ran some searches on this without hits (like Google the oesf for ["sudden reboot" OR "unexpected reboot"] ) so toss it out here for feedback.

My 24/7/365 C860 (stock Sharp ROM) has recently taken to doing it's own abrupt reboots. Does not seem to depend on how many apps are running or which ones. Has even happened right in the middle of text entry to text editors among other spots.

The restart shows a quick flash of console with some text that flys by too fast to catch then a restart that seems to be quicker than full reboot. It usually leaves the user created desktop tabs & programs without icons.

Sometimes a single restart of Qtopia fixes this but other times it takes two restarts to clear it up.

Whole thing is extremely intermittant but seems to happen in clusters of 2 or 3 closely spaced incidents.

I'm open for suggestions on how to best track this glitch down, oh wise & noble paladins of the Zaurii.

Go ahead .... make my Z.
Sounds like it's not a reboot, but that the Qtopia desktop is crashing and auto-restarting (from a terminal, try "killall qpe" for similar effect). Could be a misbehaving application or driver. Did you install anything "strange" to the Z?

Come to think of it, I now remember having a similar problem. I had installed a series of at-jobs to run every 15 minutes in the background to check my mail on the Z. Somehow my at jobs were causing the Qtopia desktop to crash intermittently. Unfortunately I can't remember the specifics now but maybe you can double-check your background processes.
I have also had tray applets that cause qtopia crashes in the past. It's probably something you installed that is doing it. You just have to figure out which one.
QUOTE(xamindar @ Jul 28 2006, 01:20 PM)
I have also had tray applets that cause qtopia crashes in the past.  It's probably something you installed that is doing it.  You just have to figure out which one.

Good suggestion. But have not installed anything new or made major system modifications in the immediate time before this started.

Anyone have ideas on if the console messages might be store by the system &, if so, where?

THANKS, again!
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