I am a new user of the archos av500 and I must say: Great!

There are two probs I've encountered until now:
- Playing some of the registered films they play not on a external monitor (like tv connected through the docking-pod). They play only on the archos monitor. How can I avoid this (by ripping the file in a new one? which software)? It certainly has to do with a copy protection feature.
- synchronisation of playlists of wmp10 produces two copies of the same song on the av500 if the song is in two playlists. On the hotline they told me that there is no way to avoid this. Has anybody here a solution to this problem?

And a last question concerns accessoires: what is the difference between akku pack and super akku pack (the price difference is huge)? The homepage of archos doesn't help.

thanks for any help
Switzerland (sorry, for my poor English)