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Full Version: Qtopia-addressbook_1.23_arm.ipk
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I would like to run an address book manager which uses the sharp format (I'm sure the K stuff is nice but no way am I synchronising twice when I do it several times a day!)

Meanie suggests qtopia-addressbook_1.23_arm.ipk as a good replacement however it won't run on my 3200. I installed it from the command line - no errors.

I rebooted and then tried to run it - it tries to start but does nothing - I run it from the command line and it tries to start but does nothing (no errors in command line, nothing at all). I checked but it reports no dependancies.

Am I missing something - has anyone out there got this working?


Had the same problem on my c3200 (terrier). One thing I did notice was that it re-used the same icon as the existing sharp address book. When I uninstalled it, the icon returned to loading the sharp address book.

I'm guessing that the old address book will need to be removed before qtopia-addressbook_1.23_arm.ipk can be installed. I believe a package exists to create the sharp address book package which can then be installed and uninstalled prior to installing qtopia-addressbook_1.23_arm.ipk.

I haven't tried any of this. Just a guess as to the cause of the problem.

Anyone else out there got a 3200 - there must be more than two of us!

Is there another replacement address book option that uses the sharp format?

I installed KO/PA in the end. Appears to be a very capable address book.


Absolutely - I've checked all that suite out and they look good.

Unfortunately they don't sync directly with outlook so they are pretty much useless to me. I use outlook on my work PC and I have to sync the address book (and other) information with my Zaurus. I am aware that I can run intellisync to the zaurus then another sync to KO/PA but that sounds like a pain the ass.

Has anyone found an automatic way to do the second sync on the first one?

Thanks for letting me know anyway.

Anyone else got a 3200 and need outlook sync?
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