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Full Version: Please fill me in
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Ok so i'm going to get one of these (760) soon. Been reading for a week and seem to be confused on a few issues.
On the kernel i think i see a few choices. Openzaurus, openembeded points to wiki, sharps.
I read that the SD module is binary only, is this sharp rom onlyt or is there no open driver.
I can't find a kernel source download or compile instructions for the 760, just the 5x00 series.
The kernel at is for the 5x00 series and 22M in size it's almost as big as the 2.4.20 for the PC, well not quite.
More questions, if i'm asking something stupid or there is a place to find it please let me know.
First off, am i missing somthing openzaurus site shows no source and no files for the 760, yet it is mentioned as supported.
One the site it talks about replacing the kernel and filesystem instead of the ROM file. It says that this way you are not writeing over the flash utility and if somthing goes wrong you still can reflash the ROM.

Does this mean that a ROM flash going wrong can destroy the only way to reflash the ROM? Is there no way around it? DONE/DEAD?
I have heard of people bricking their 7x0, but it seems %95 of the time they are able to recover.

The 7x0 is not supported in the US so the source is on the japanese site

openzaurus for the 7x0 is experimental at best

For kernel workings try reading sukoshi's posts
Thanks, So the flash utility does live in the flash memory. I just assumed that it would be in a rom and safe.
I finaly found the openzaurus 760 kernel hidden at openzaurus site, but stil no source code. I REALLY wan't the source to see if i can get a hang of what is going on.
I think i'm at a point where i'm getting it yet i'm very aware of the mountian of stuff i don't know. I want to learn the kernel but the pc source overwelms me.
Can we start a links list, as i'm sure all of my question are answered some where else yet I've been searching for a week.
thanks again
Found what i believe to be the source for the sharp ROM , at spacetown. And the SD module is not open, and building your own is stated as likely to break the SD module. It was bablefish translated and looks to me that it is a patch to the 2.4.x pc kernel, is this correct?
Still looking for the openzaurus source.
The link to replaceing the kernel on this sites how-to includes formating the flash memory after updateing, Can any one explane this.
I found the sharp source, but still can't find the openzaurus source. Is it hidden also?
FYI The message board ate my last post.
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