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Full Version: Dns Issues Winxp
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Hi All,

I know there's loads of stuff in the forum about connecting to the internet with a zaurus via a lan, and I have been through the howto
but I'm stumped.

Following these instructions I can ping my pc, my dns server and external IP addresses but I can't resolve dns. I have added the dns servers for my work lan in /etc/resolv.conf, my XP firewall is off (we have a hardware firewall).

Any thoughts?

Well I'll tell you how i did it. It was quite simple for me.

Here's my setup

ISP -> Router - > WinXP Laptop -> Z via USB

My router gives my laptop (via wifi) 192.168.1.x

I setup the Z USB to have and as my GW and then my ISP's DNS Server.

I plugged in the Z to WinXP and it setup a network connection with IP No Default GW and no DNS as they are not needed.

I then ran the Network Setup Wizard in Control Panel and just next next next until I got to the "Select a connection method" section.

For my setup I selected

"This computer connects directly to the Internet. The other computers on my network connect to the Internet through this computer"


Select your Internet connection.

In here I selected my Wifi card as my internet connection.

The next section "Select your private connection"

Selected my Local Area Connection 3 (Zaurus)

Then next next next until its done configuring my computer for home or small office networking. I don't want to know what small office uses XP for their gateway.. but who knows.

Now as per the title we're almost done ....

And "Just finish the wizard. I don't need to run the wizard on other computers." Next Finish

Voila. I'm online with my Z

Hope this helps.
Try activating the following commads using su from Zaurus:

route add -host usbd0

Add the following in the /etc/resolve.conf

nameserver IPofNameServerofyourISP

I hope the above will help.
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