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Full Version: Handcomword
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I have been using HandcomSheet to edit my excel spreadsheets (only simple ones mind you) and it seems to work fine. It lets me open them from anywhere and update them.

However HandcomWord although it will let me open documents from any folder ONLY lets me save to the internal disk or memory card in Documents/Word_Files am I missing something? Does anyone else have this problem?
So Obviously this is either a stupid question or nobody uses handcomword, which is it? smile.gif
i use it so little that the save location never really became an issue.
why is it a problem? the fies can be moved later, etc.
It's just a total pain as I have lots of documents in many subfolders which are all synchronised with a PC.

I mean obviously I can move the files afterwards but it's a hassle.

Maybe I should write a shell script to launch it and then copy the file back afterwards???

Sorry if this is a total NOOB question but is there an easy way to create an icon in a tab which calls a shell script?
wel.... in xfce, certainly.....

in qtopiatry writing the script and then using your tab manager to make a new icon and point it at the (executable) script.

poke around in the tab managere--- it should be easy enough to figure it out
I get round the problem by copying an empty Word document into each folder then use save & rename the file, its a pain.

You also have the option of using TextMaker, which will also allow you to open multiple Word documents at the same time.

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