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Full Version: How Do I Press The Middle Or Right Mouse Button?
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How do I press the middle or right mouse button? in beta 4 an make to work the up arrow?
You should be able to use the input setup app to see what buttons are mapped to right and middle click. In rc12 the defaults are hold Fn and tap for right click, and left shift and tap for middle mouse.
This has never worked for me, and I currently use beta1 on SL-6000. I specifically
have tried CONTROL-MB3 (control with the right button) to bring up the fonts menu
in an xterm. I have verified that the keypress does the right thing in the pdaXrom xterm,
by displaying a pdaXrom xterm on another (desktop) linux box, and it works fine there.

Perhaps the issue is compounded by the low digitizer resolution of (at least my) SL-6000,
in which case a click also causes several motion events, and the mouse cursor always
wavers a few pixels side to side when the pen is down.

Is this working for anyone? Thanks...
I have a SL-6000 and rox installed. It was a nightmare before I could fix this problem, by luck only. I entered the Input Setup applet, changed the default keys for right and middle click, save it, exit matchbox and enter again, changed the keys back to the defaults, exit and reenter matchbox and THEN IT WORKED. Now I have xfce4 with rox in all its glory.
Thanks for the info. I did try what you said, and was able to get the "home" button
to act as right shift, but no matter what I try the shift key does not work, at least
in conjunction with control. I prefer the home button as right click anyway, as it
is very difficult to press the control (calendar) and either shift together without
placing the SL-6000 down!

It is not too difficult to press both calendar and home at the same time, and the
keyboard can remain hidden (closed).

I do need to experiment with the "dot" button and "light" buttons at some point, as
they currently serve no purpose for me... Again thanks!
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