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Full Version: Gprs Config Wierdness Modem Init String [solved]
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My Z860 | bluetooth | Nokia 6310i | GPRS connection works OK - so no problem. But I've discovered that I always need a modem init string (AT+cgdcont= ...) with the Z - but not if I use WinXP. I wanted to understand why so I posted to usenet alt.celluar.gsm - here's the thread:

Can anybody here shed any light on this, or suggest why the difference between the Z and Win? Does anyone here not need an init string - and if so do they have to specify anything more that the APN (e.g.PDP-type="IP") to the phone?

It might explain this post

For the record, here's my working ppp script
# DR 28/7/2006
# I need the "" to be sent to the phone - hence \' used in setup string
# ATDT*99# works but ATDT*99***1# probably will too - assumes CID=1
connect '/usr/sbin/chat -s -v -t 60 ABORT "NO CARRIER" ABORT "NO DIALTONE" ABORT "BUSY" "" "ATZ" OK \'AT+cgdcont=1,"IP","internet.wind"\' OK "ATDT*99#" CONNECT'
# I think I need (PAP) authentication even though no username/password - cannot be blank hence...
user anything
connect-delay 5000
remotename Wind

Like I said, just curious.
I using only the old one ... "ATZ" wink.gif
In general, this depends on the provider... Sometimes this string isn't needed, more often it is... In WinXP this work can be done by some ISP's software, IMHO. I've seen phones which had pre-installed ISP settings so WinXP just used them - but these settings WERE written into the phone's memory... In Linux you have to write init string by hands...
From what I've seen, Windows will automatically use a default init string if you don't enter anything - e.g. when entering for dial-up network connections the string is only extra parameters (putting AT in these boxes adds it a second time, which fails).

All my Linux systems seem to present everything at face value - the init string is exactly what you enter, which is nothing if you leave it blank. Try 'ATZ' (just a plain old reset) like anunakin says - it'll probably work with that too. Most modems need at least AT.
QUOTE(karlto @ Aug 3 2006, 08:55 PM)
... Try 'ATZ' (just a plain old reset) ...
Karl: thank you for reminding me what ATZ actually means - I'd got so used to just including it.

If I remove both the "ATZ" and the "AT+cgdcont..." leaving only "ATDT*99#" it works. Presumably the ATZ clears the PDP context data which the phone otherwise remembers - as John H in the usenet post said it should.

Thanks to all for your replies.

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