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Full Version: Install Pdaxrom On Sd , Cacko On Main
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I am new here , may be i've missed this earlier - Wondering how do i install
pdaxrom on my sd card ( /mnt/card)

SD cards are becoming dirt cheap so i bought c1000 with 2 GB SD card , loaded
with cacko 1.23

I do want to maitain my cacko 1.23 , and would like to intsall pdaxrom packages
on my SD

i did some search and from meanies website i got pdaxrom base and app package but in cramfs format - since i have 2GB ram i dont want to use cramfs and i prefer to have normal format in SD partition (i am using vfat sd now)

is there any documentation to help me ? if it is simple can anyone guide me ?

Thanks A lot
Perhaps in time u-boot or maybe OZ's altboot may allow this?

Dunno if it is possible now though. Would be great though.

U-boot probably will in the very near future.
Actually Sashz told me that the patched u-boot
( + )
should allow booting root filesystem from SD ... but as far as I undestand the kernel will be loaded from Flash.
But the current u-boot setup I think cannot live together with cacko as it expects kernel, emergency system and root filesystems to be in certain locations that are likely to be incompatible with cacko flash layout.

or install pdaxqtrom
drak2 thanks , but i'm aware of

however how do i want to achieve the same but not using cramfs -reason i got 2 and 4 GB Hi-Speed SD so heaps of space , secondly cramfs fs is slow

in summary i am looking for pdaxqtrom intall methods on my SD without cramfs
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