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Full Version: Help can't install software
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Got my C700 connected to Internet, set up some feeds, but whenever I try to use the GUI "Add/Remove Software" to "Install package via network" I get the error "Sorry, ipkg says something went wrong."

So I download the .ipk file on my Mac, put it on a CF card, put the card in the Z, and try "Install package" from there and get the same error.

I try the command line:

# ipkg install /mnt/cf/ipkg_0.99.37-20030108-sharprom_arm.ipk  
The following package were previously requested but have not been installed: error  
Install them now [Y/n] ?

If I type Y:

ipkg_get_install: ERROR: Cannot find package kernel-modules in /usr/lib/ipkg/lists  
ipkg_get_install: Check the spelling and maybe run 'ipkg update'

Or if I type N:

ipkg_depends: Warning: error mentioned in dependency but no package found in /usr/lib/ipkg/lists  
unpacking ipkg .. Done  
Configuring ipkg .. Done

But nothing gets installed! And yes there is available free space and yes I'm logged in as root while doing this.

I've tried this with several different ipkg files. The example above was with the package for new-ipkg which I was trying to install hoping it might fix the problem.

This is Sharp ROM BTW.

What to do?
so quickly before I forget it...
You have to remove the ipkg_0.99.37-20030108-sharprom_arm.ipk from the package list, this seems to be the problem. The ipkg update probobly is not working. So..

ipkg status

#this lists all packages installed - U have to remove those not installed properly

ipkg remove ipkg_0.99.37-20030108-sharprom_arm.ipk

#this will remove the entry
repeat the same for other possible packages not properly installed and it should work
At least it worked for me.
Good luck!
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