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Full Version: Regarding Embedded Linux
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i'm a newbie to embedded linux. i have an SBC with pentium 4 processor. i need to port an Embedded linux into it..... can any one suggest me which embedded linux can i use....?

thanks in advance......

This would have been better filed under, general discussion

in my opinon a p4 is not an embedded device, however i will bite

what do you intend to do with it (difrent distros are better suited for diffrent tasks)
do you have a link to the hardware (ie does it have serial, ethernet)
have you used linux before (from the post i gather that you havent)

if the hardware is a small form factor p4 then there is no effert in porting, in fact there is no porting ethier scince you can just use any old distro, if it has a funny setup (increadably unlikly) then you may just have to recompile the kernel, bootstrapping may be a bit difficult but anyone who knows what the command line is can do it

my requirement is that i need to load an OS. along with that i'l load my applications which include MYSQL database, tomcat etc. I'm going to use this for industrial purpose. so i just need to run these things only . i dnt want any other applications........
You've got a lot of work ahead of you then. I would suggest starting here:

that would be the best way to do it, ethire that or strip a distro down by hand. with a couple of tools its not that hard to do. i would recomend starting with a floppy disk distro and adding to it
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