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Full Version: Stratagus On Opie
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I'm trying to make strtagus work on OPIE. I have a sl-5500 with opie 1.2.1 and I wolud like to try WC2 on my zaurus. I was able to run WC2 on the Sharp rom (32 mb of ram) with a swap file. Now on OPIE I've got 64 mb of ram and I'm trying to install stratagus.

Instalation seems to have gone fine

root@collie:~# ipkg install stratagus-engine_2.0.0-3_arm.ipk
Installing stratagus-engine (2.0.0-3) to root...
Configuring stratagus-engine

I get two binaries installed:


Runing the first one gives me the following message

root@collie:/opt/QtPalmtop/bin# /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/stratagus
-sh: /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/stratagus: not found

the second one:

root@collie:/opt/QtPalmtop/bin# /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/stratagus.bin
/opt/QtPalmtop/bin/stratagus.bin: symbol lookup error: /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/stratagus.bin: undefined symbol: __14QPEApplicationRiPPcQ212QApplication4Type

the question is: Is it posible to run stratagus on OPIE? Is this the way?
Short answer: only install software from the official OZ feeds.
ok, so no stratagus... sad.gif
QUOTE(samot @ Aug 5 2006, 08:52 PM)
ok, so no stratagus... sad.gif

Add it to OE and hrw can add it to the feeds. Easy.
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