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Full Version: Problems Configuring Pdaxrom-builder
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i downloaded the pdaxrom.iso image and booted it. no problem.
also in setting up the partition for storing settings and files with 'setup',
no problem. swap is also on. next boot he mounted the partition in my case
/dev/hda8, allright. so for example network settings are taken from that partition.
everything is fine.
after that i tried to install and configure the pdaxrom-builder, how described in the doc
'pdaXrom-builder quick start' on
by enter: './configure akita-xtools ' the configuration started. after downloaded the first packages
he tried to create directories in /opt path. that gave an error back and the installation was aborted:

directory /opt/cross/arm could not be created: read only file system

curiously in /etc or /home creating directories is possible, but not in /opt which is needed for installation.

has anybody any idea???

i want to make an ipk: 'qucs-0.0.9.' which is an open source electronic circuit simulator.

thanks a lot
hmm, which ISO you downloaded? latest?

for build application cross sdk easy for use.

anyway , i added qucs to build system.

Test this attached qucs ipk and write back if it work (after download rename it to qucs_0.0.9-1_armv5tel.ipk ).
hi sashz,

i downloaded the builder from that site:

ok thanks for adding qucs
QUOTE(roter_planet @ Aug 8 2006, 08:15 AM)
hi sashz,

i downloaded the builder from that site:

ok thanks for adding qucs

use latest image and builder from svn.

the simulator is working, even stable! on the first view!
i only made transient analysis of a simple amplifier. looks really good.
have a look at the screenshot. cool, now you can lern about electronics
and simulate your circuits at tram or cab. brave new world!

more infos:

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