In the company i worked for, we had a SA-1110 Strongarm embedded board as communication interface.
They are now left (I saved 10 pieces), because of a physical interface change and hardware upgrade (Strongarm no longer available).
It is a costum Intrinsyc CerfBoard runnig with WinCE ohmy.gif but linux is available. If someone is interested, I can ask if they have any more left.

Board specification:
-Strongarm SA-1110
-8MByte Flash (16Bit)
-8MByte RAM (32Bit)
-CS8900 10Mbit Ethernet Interface
-2 serial Interface incl. level converter
---SA-1110 serial port for debug on a pin header
---16C550 serial port for a modem on a D-SUB9
-16Bit dual ported memory interface (just some KByte)
-JTAG pin header
-LCD IOs, GPIOs, MCC/SPP Codec on a solderpad
-USB and IDRA IOs on solderpins
Working with a 5V power supply.