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It takes me 30 mins to get to uni and home each day.
Would like to use the zaurus as an audio player for that time.

Was wondering what the sound quality on the zaurus is like? i am not an audiophile nut or anything but noticeably bad quality really really shits me.

Hoping to purchase a 3200 off ebay in the next few days.
I would only be able to justify spending the money if i could use it for this purpose as well as a pda.

any comments or suggestions appreciated
I frankly like the audio. I use creative travelsound to power good sound which sounds way better than any laptop i ever heard. Travelsound has a built in surround enhancement which makes the audio really stick out. I turn it off when i really want the volume up and you need to be infront of them to really notice the audio anyway.

I recommend you buy a speaker getup which enhances the audio. Zaurus has no treble or bass controls. I have never seen it on a headphone set but if you can find one, I highly recommend a soundprocessor for your headphones if you dont mind carrying too many things.

Zaurus would be the Ideal ipod since you dont need stupid software to sync and you need not worry about your files getting re-writen to stupid filenumbers like what an ipod does for you.

Dont understand the stupidity behind the ipod and all.
Cresho: Do you use the creative travelsound system instead of running the Zaurus through your car's speakers? My CD deck has an aux in that I run my Zodiac into and it works great. I really want to get a Zaurus and if it could put out similar quality as what I currently have, it would make me lean in that direction even more...
QUOTE(bibbly @ Aug 9 2006, 09:59 AM)
Was wondering what the sound quality on the zaurus is like? i am not an audiophile nut or anything but noticeably bad quality really really shits me.

The sound is really good (what else to expect for such a superb hardware!), but my advice is to buy a pair of earbuds/headphones to use instead of the Sharp ones that come with the SL-C3200.

I got Sennheiser CX-300 earbuds for €29 and they're just perfect with the Zaurus (Also got Sony's MDR-EX71SL -doubled price-, and prefer the Sennheisers for quality and price).

Hope this helps.
The audio comes out pretty good. If you plug it into a car deck audio in, you can use your car's system to enhance the audio with eq or treble/base. In my case, an fm audio system would work out for me since my car audio deck has no input but does read mp3 cd. The only problem is audio gets turned to analog. mad.gif
if you use a2.6 bassed kernel then there are settings to fiddle with the bass and trebble boost built into the sound chip

i found that the headphones used make the most diffrence then i would tweak the bass and treble to get it sounding to what i wanted
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