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Full Version: Has My C3000 Become An Orphan?
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Its been a long time since I've seen any questions, discussions, or upgrades for the C3000. It seems people are talking about the C1000 still but as far as the 3000 series, only the 3100 and 3200 are still being discussed.

Does anyone else still hang onto their 3000 with hopes and dreams that it hasn't gone the way of the IBM XT, the Apple IIe or the Timex Sinclair.

Well, I was just wondering.

OpenZaurus (and thus OpenEmbedded) has great support for it, so doing development for it is dead-easy for the next few years.
koen: I would rather say that OpenEmbedded (and thus OpenZaurus) has great support for it.

Without OE there wont be OZ.
Of course if you are into BSD then OpenBSD supports it very well indeed.

I use my C3000 everyday. I took a run at updating smith's cacko beta last year for it, but ran out of time.

Give a look, Opie looks very good, though it wasn't stable enough 10 months ago for me to use daily.

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