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Full Version: Wine & Sdio & Ev-do/edge
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I am thinking about buying the one of the C series, like the C3200? Do any of the Zaurus ROMs run WINE? If so, is there a way to find out which Windows apps would run? Could I run Visual Studio?

And does the C1000 and up series have SDIO? So that I can run WI-FI from the SDIO port?

And does anyone think it can support EV-DO or EDGE through USB? I just read that a company came out w/EV-DO or EDGE for the USB port.
First things first...

Wine,from what I understand is a negative. The difference in arch. make it impossible, as cool as that would be.

Sdio may be available on the 3200. I own a 3200 and love it but have never had the need for any sdio devices. A quick search on the forums should answer that.

Hope I was of some help.

that would be a no for all three questions
if the last one comes up as a serial port (ie ttyUSB0) then it could be made to work
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