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Full Version: DIY Vehicle Mount Kit at Radio Shack
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Radio Shack is closing out a couple of models of gooseneck cellphone mounts for $10 each. Possilby because their suction-cup bases scared away customers (it sure gives me the willies to think about an expensive cellphone or PDA being mounted with one).


If you use a nail or screw to tap out the pin holding the suction cup release lever, you find a hold that you can put about a #10 or so screw through to attach the base firmly. The previous owner of my truck had attached one of those slide-out mounts for a CB to the roof. I finally found a use for it: I screwed the mount to it, and it holds the Z in a position where it's out of the sun, out of my normal line of sight, and easy to see when I want to.

To attach the Z to the cellphone holder, I took the holder apart and removed the "gripper" mechanism (which doesn't spread quite wide enough to hold the Z. Dammit), and tie-wrapped the "Strongarm" bracket out of a Case Logic case to it. I drove around for a while to make sure the idea was going to work, and it did. So I'll drill a couple of holes and screw the bracket to it.

I don't know how the stiffness of the gooseneck compares to the new models, because I'm too cheap to spring the $25 RS wants for them. But it's a lot better than the microphone gooseneck RS sells, which flexes too easily for vehicle use. I put a 90-degree bend in it to hold the Z vertical with the base mounted parallel to the roof, and it doesn't seem to flex visibly at all. Even in my "camper special" pickup, which rides like a buckboard if it doesn't have a ton or so of load on the bed.

So, for about $25 ($10 for the mount, and $15 for the case at places like Fry's and Circuit City) and very little work, you can make a really solid mount that fits the Z very well, and is probably even solid enough for off-roading.

fwiw: I dunno whether it was just the particular units I got, but the model for fliphones (with a clear phone holder) was easier to remove from the gooseneck part for tinkering. I was afraid I going to break the plastic when I whacked the larger one to disconnect it. That may be "better" or "worse", depending on whether your goal is to have a system that's "extra safe" or "easy to mess with" ;-)
I bought the mount shown in the following link (the first picture - "top seller"):

At $30, this is perfect IMO.

This mount
a) requires no mods - works great out of the package and looks fine. I have it in my Jeep Wrangler, and the bouncing is no prob!
cool.gif fits the 5500 perfectly and is adjustable, so it would fit the 5600 and *should* fit the C series in portrait mode
c) is VERY sturdy - It is suctioned to my windshield, and hangs to the left of my steering wheel above my turn signal. It is sturdy enough that I can use the stylus or press buttons on it without it moving
d) obviously, i don't recommend reading articles or browsing the web while driving. I do on occassion, but really shouldn't! I got it for gps, for the record...

I could potentially post a picture of it mounted in my Jeep if anyone's interested. Not sure how many of you would be interested in doing this...?!?
The suction cup thing still gives me the willies, but the other mounting options they offer do make that a better choice for most folks. Especially since they've cut their prices: I think they used to charge even more than the $45 price they now show crossed-out on the webpage.

The one plus for the Radio Shack is that it's easy to change the "mounting plate" if, e.g., you want to switch between the Z and a GPS or other gadget.

Yeah, I'm sure that they both have their pros and cons. As far as the suction cup, it's VERY sturdy. I was very weary as well, and I had bad experience with it at first as I could not get it to stick. But, once I rubbed my windshield down with alcohol (included and explained in the instructions), then locked the suction level, that thing was ON!

You want to reattach the suction periodically - it recommends every week or so I think, but I've had it on for a month and I just give it a strong tug-test to see if it's weakening before putting my 5500 in it. For me, the suction was good b/c I really don't want to mod or even sticky anything to my Jeep, but for those that are cool with that, I'm sure it works well.
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